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Privacy Policy

This website ( tracks non-identifiable user information (IP Anonymization enabled) with Google Analytics, purely to understand how many visitors the website receives and what pages are visited.


This website will only use cookies created by Google Analytics. No other cookies are stored.

Reject cookies

If you have opted to reject cookies, no data or cookies will be stored and nothing is tracked.

What we collect

  • Country of origin.
  • Browser and operating system info.
  • Time of visit, pages visited, and time spent on each page.
  • Referring site details.

What we don’t collect

  • Your IP Address (we use IP Anonymization).
  • Personally identifible browser or OS information.

Who do we share this data with?

No one. No information we have is shared with anyone.

This site uses no affiliate links.

When you leave this website via external links, we cannot vouch for the tracking or cookies used by external websites. In most cases, they care about privacy as well.