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Single-file PHP app that can be dropped into any folder, instantly creating a gallery of files and folders.

Single-file PHP that can be dropped into any folder, instantly creating a gallery of files and folders.


What is Files Gallery?

Files is a single-file PHP app that can be dropped into any folder on your server, instantly creating a gallery of files and folders. It supports all file types and allows you to preview images, video, audio and text files.

File browser

Instantly browse files and folders without complicated installations.


Conveniently share files and photos with clients, friends and family.

Photo gallery

Use as a simple yet beautiful and modern gallery for your website.

File manager

Upload and manage files and folders directly on server without using FTP.

Modern interface

Beautiful interface with advanced file viewing capabilities, designed for modern browsers.

Advanced layouts

Advanced gallery layouts that can be adjusted in real-time to suit your viewing.

Sort and filter

Sort and filter files in real-time by name, type or specific properties.


Select your preference from three beautiful themes Contrast, Light and Dark.

Fast loading

Optimally fast page loading with CDN and caching of preview images, menu and folders.

Code highlighter

Beautiful code highlighter for viewing and editing text and code formats.

Recursive menu

Advanced tree-menu navigation displays entire directory structure for quick folder access.


Optional username and password login to allow access only for authorized users.


Multi-language interface, assigned by default from detected browser language.

Image viewer

Beautiful popup interface, which displays IPTC, EXIF and GPS maps for your photos.

Panorama viewer

Panorama viewer creates interactive 360° views from equirectangular source files.


Preview and play browser-supported video formats directly in browser.

Download Zip

Allow visitors to download all files in directory as zip or multi-file download.

Image Watermarking

Overlay uploaded images with text or images, useful for logo's, copyright and watermarking.


Embed Youtube and Vimeo videos with preview images by using the *.url format.


Simply download index.php, drop into any folder and view from browser.


Files Gallery requires a web server with PHP 5.5 or higher.


Files is free to use with basic features. To remove the license-popup and unlock additional features, you may purchase a license $39.00 from within the app.


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