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Files license

Free usage

Files app is free to download and use as you like, without a license key, with most features enabled, although a license popup "nag" will appear every time you reload in browser.

License features

To remove the license popup nag and unlock additional features, you may purchase a license $39.00 directly from within the app. After purchasing a license, you will receive an email with a license_key that grants access to additional features:

  • Remove popup nag.
  • File manager features upload, create new file, create new folder, rename, delete and duplicate.
  • Download folder as zip and multi-file download.
  • Code and text editor.
  • Panorama viewer.
  • Dedicated support.

How does license verification work?

When Files app loads in browser, it will attempt to verify your encrypted license_key remotely via non-blocking Javascript. On successful verification, your Files app will be licensed, else it will simply continue in "free" mode. *If connection fails for any reason, Files app is considered licensed.

Optional license verification by hostname

License verification by hostname is useful when using Files app frequently on the same domain, in which case you don't need to add license_key for each install. Your default hostname is assigned when you purchase, but can be changed on request. Files app will only verify by hostname if license_key is empty, and does not accept IP address or localhost.


  • Is the license a one-time purchase?
    Yes, and updates are included.
  • Is the license usage limited by hostname?
    No. You can install and use Files app wherever you like with your license key.
  • What personal info is stored when I purchase a license?
    When you purchase a license, your name and email is stored securely alongside your license key. We never share your info with anyone.
  • Do you send emails?
    We send occasional emails when there are updates or other crucial information to be shared. We never send spam or share your email with anyone.

Terms and conditions

  • Modifications
    You are free to make modifications to the source, but technical support for modifications will not be provided by the authors. Access to the PHP source code is provided in full, but we do not offer access to un-minified Javascript and CSS source files.
  • Sharing and redistribution
    Under no circumstances are you allowed to redistribute or share your license key with others.
  • Non-compliance
    You may not copy, sublicense, or distribute the application without consent from the author.
  • Permissions
    If you intend to incorporate the source code, in part or whole, into any free or proprietary program, you need to explicitly write to the original authors to ask for permission.
  • No Warranty
    The application is available "as is", and there is no warranty. The original author of the application is not liable to you for damaages arising out of the usage or inability to use the application.