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Files app requires a web server with PHP 5.5 or higher. In addition, the following is required for certain features to work:

  • PHP GD extension enabled for resizing images.
  • PHP EXIF enabled to read image data.
  • PHP iptcparse() to read image IPTC meta data.
  • PHP ZipArchive to compress archives when downloading all files in folder.
  • PHP mime_content_type() or finfo_file() to get file mime types on server (security).
  • PHP exif_imagetype() to verify image uploads (security).
  • PHP session_start() and correctly configured session_save_path for login mechanism.
  • PHP ini_get() and ini_set() for various functionality.
  • FFmpeg command-line tool and PHP exec() for video thumbnails.
  • Sufficient PHP memory_limit for resizing images.
  • PHP file_uploads enabled for upload mechansim.
  • PHP upload_max_filesize that matches maximum file upload size.
  • PHP mbstring for images that contain meta data with multibyte character encoding.

Checking features on your server

You can check for available features on your server by appending ?check=1 to your Files app url.

Check from our Files app demo ?check=1.