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Files Gallery 0.1.0

· 2 min read
Karl Ward

First update since initial release adds external configuration, improved compatibility and bug fixes.

See demoRelease info for Files app version 0.2.0

External config

With new updates coming frequently, we have added support for external config so that you can update Files app without overwriting your custom settings. Now, when you run Files app for the first time, it will automatically generate an empty config file _files/config/config.php. Simply open the file and edit options. Your custom configuration will now remain persistent after updating.

Improved browser compatibility

Improved backwards browser compatibility with Intersection observer polyfill.

Support for custom JS and CSS stylesheets

Support for _files/css/custom.css and _files/css/custom.js. Simply create these files, and they will loaded into files app, allowing you to include custom styling and custom javascript functionality.

Tasks plugin

This plugin allows pre-creating all cache (menu, folders and images), clearing all cache and more. There is a new config option allow_tasks, which decides if tasks can be executed. This plugin will be integrated better into Files app at a later date. * Currently undocumented

Bugs squashed

  • Fixed incorrect menu sort order when directory names are numbers forum
  • Fixed bug with cut off HTML tags when loading PHP and Html code into the code editor.
  • Fixed so that storage_path _files is always excluded.
  • Fixed so that URL #deeplinks also work when index.php is exported to index.html.