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Files Gallery 0.8.0

· 3 min read
Karl Ward

Files gallery 0.8.0 includes a massive redesign, with new light/dark themes and many new features.

See demoRelease info for Files Gallery 0.8.0

New Design

This release includes a new design with upgraded interface elements. Most notably, there are now three themes "contrast", "light" and "dark". Themes can be selected from the topbar, and the interface has been meticulously designed to match each theme.

Files Gallery Themes
  • New modal popup design, with navigation and position options in topbar.
  • Improved text/code editor with light and dark themes.
  • Updated popup interface with redesigned captions, new buttons and better zoom animations.
  • Updated upload interface, that resizes as files are added.
  • Redesigned file manager actions dialog that matches the global modal design.
  • New "toast" alerts after various actions complete.
  • Optimized hover and active states across all layouts.
  • Refreshed small and large icons with new colors and fonts, unique for each theme.
  • New sidebar menu design with improved transitions and events.

Youtube and Vimeo Embed

Files Gallery now supports embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with preview images. This feature uses the .url shortcut format, and includes several config options [instructions] [forum] [forum]

Files Gallery Embed Youtube and Vimeo videos

Image Watermarking

The uploader now includes image watermarking options to overlay uploaded images with text or images, useful for logo's, copyright information or watermarking. The feature includes advanced config options for position, scale, font, image, opacity and more.

Files Gallery Watermarking

More features

  • Display folder preview images from videos [demo] [forum]
  • New image aspect ratio controls for the grid layout under topbar layout options.
  • Support for AVIF image format (requires PHP >= 8.2) [forum]
  • Support for TIFF images (Safari browser only).
  • Improved support for iOS "Add to Home Screen" with Apple touch icon [GitHub]
  • Cropped preview images now emphasize vertical position closer to top in portrait-aspect images.
  • Custom contextmenu icons. Simply add icon from material design icons [forum] [forum]


  • Video popup fullscreen button now scales videos naturally [forum]
  • Popup captions now won't display over video controls when filter is active [forum]
  • Fixed browser refresh in folders with = (equality) character in folder name [forum]
  • Fixed root folders named 0 [forum]
  • Fixed so that browsers and password managers can choose to "remember" login.
  • Drag-and-drop upload now works in Chrome browser also in non-SSL mode [forum]
  • Fixed so that page reloads without cache when using auto-update [forum]
  • Fixed so that folders with [] (bracket) characters display subfolders in main menu [forum]
  • CSV (spreadsheet format) is now editable in the code editor.
  • If there is login, ?check=1 diagnostics is only available after login.
  • Login username is now case-insensitive [forum]
  • Added Arab and Swedish languages.

What next?

This release took a while, because of the complex interface details across multiple themes. Now that it's done, I am looking forward to implement a couple of important features in the coming months:

  • Extended file manager, with multi-file selection, copy, move and zip/unzip.
  • Multi user login, so we can implement different permission levels per user.

Stay tuned 😎