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Files Gallery 0.5.0

· 2 min read
Karl Ward

Files app 0.5.0 includes several new features, improvements and a new panorama viewer.

See demoRelease info for Files app version 0.5.0

Panorama viewer

Most notable new feature is a new panorama viewer that creates interactive 360° views from equirectangular source files.

Panorama demo Panorama docs

New features

  • New clean favicon to easily recognize Files app in tabs, favorites and history. Can be customized or modified from advanced javascript _c.config.favicon setting.
  • Date field in layout now includes time, and we have modified the date format.
  • New title option allows setting a custom page <title> [see docs]. Default page title now includes file count from current directory.
  • Page scroll restoration on browser history navigation [forum]
  • Many new options in advanced Javascript config.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed missing GIF preview images when GIF animation doesn't need resizing yet exceeds load_images_max_filesize [forum]
  • Fixed FFmpeg detection on Windows [forum]
  • Fixed FFmpeg video_ffmpeg_path when it contains empty spaces [forum]
  • Uploader interface now correctly inherits user language.
  • Added Slovak and Czech languages, updated Japanese language, and added items "duplicate", "new file", "new folder" and "rename".
  • Fixed bug with image EXIF dates, which should always be calculated relative to GMT [forum]
  • Replaced PHP basename() with custom function to make sure folder names with unicode are extracted correctly when PHP locale is not set to UTF8 [forum]
  • Fixed root check in diagnostics when root is empty (current dir) [forum]
  • Option folder_preview_default should not be blocked by option files_exclude [forum]
  • Context menu "copy link" option now works for files that are not within server document_root.
  • Fixed fallback sort function when localeCompare() fails to sort [forum]