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Files Gallery 0.7.0

· 2 min read
Karl Ward

Files gallery 0.7.0 features new resize and compress options for the uploader.

See demoRelease info for Files gallery 0.7.0

Uploader resize and compression

In the uploader interface, you will now find options to resize and compress images on upload. This is useful to optimize and limit the size and dimensions of uploaded images (see this post for recommendations and information about resizing and optimizing images for the web).

Files gallery upload resizer and compress interface
  • Limit the dimensions of large images by resizing them on upload.
  • Compress images to optimize file size.
  • Options to entirely remove the interface while enforcing resize and/or compression.
  • Advanced Javascript options inherited from Compressor.js plugin.
  • Advanced possibilities of watermarking and image cropping.
Resize and compression docs


There are currently a few limitations with the Resizer and Compressor, which we hope to resolve in a future release. I already have a pending request for the Uppy uploader plugin.

  1. Resize and compression removes EXIF and IPTC meta data from images.
  2. When enabled, it will always attempt to compress images, even those that don't get resized.