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Files first release!

· 2 min read
Karl Ward

Files is a fast-loading single-file PHP app that can be dropped into any dir on server, instantly creating a gallery of files and folders. It supports all file types and allows you to preview images, video, audio and code. You can filter and sort files in real-time and toggle layouts

See demoRelease info for first Files release


  • Single file. Simply drop it into any directory on server!
  • Filter and sort files in real-time.
  • Advanced list and gallery layouts that can be toggled in real-time.
  • Preview IPTC, EXIF and GPS maps for your photos.
  • Fast loading using cache mechanisms and CDN.
  • Advanced tree-menu navigation displays entire directory structure.
  • Beautiful code highlighter to view and edit code formats.
  • Optional login to protect access.
  • File manager

Usage examples

  • Instantly create a gallery of all your files and folders. No setup required!
  • Preview images, video, audio and code.
  • Share files and images with clients, friends or family.
  • Use as a simple yet beautiful and modern gallery on your website.
  • Preview IPTC, EXIF, GPS, dimensions and size for your photos.
  • Manage files and folders directly on your server. * Coming soon!
  • Faster and more comfortable than using FTP!



  • Any web server with PHP 5.5 or higher and PHP extension GD.
  • Files app works in all modern browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge, as well as almost all mobile devices. Files app does not work in Internet Explorer (which is discontinued since Explorer 11).
  • Although Files app is a single file that loads files locally, it still requires an internet connection to load Javascripts from CDN