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Files Gallery 0.4.0

· 3 min read
Karl Ward

This release was initially intended as an update to Files 0.3.0, but with several new features, it became 0.4.0. In this release, you will find filemanager improvements, new Javascript config, faster video thumbnails, bug fixes and more.

See demoRelease info for Files app version 0.4.0

Filemanager improvements

Filemanager actions were added in Files 0.3.0, but there was some missing functionality.

  • New folder-actions button in topbar allows all actions for current directory.
  • Access file manager actions for current dir by right-clicking empty space in layout.
  • Access file manager options for root by right-clicking empty space in folders menu.
  • Fixed bug when attempting to upload to root because $path was empty.
  • Filemanager action prompts now include the name and path of the affected item.
  • If there are no folders (no menu), page will refresh to display menu after creating first folder.

New Javascript config

Added new Javascript config options to allow tweaking of advanced Javascript-only interface options. These options are separated from the main config to avoid cluttering with advanced options that most users don't need, and to allow access to native Javascript functions. There are already many options, with many more to be added in future releases for advanced functionality.

More features

  • Much faster video_thumbs processing with support for unicode + special chars in file names.
  • Option download_dir now uses JS downloads API to detect start, errors and show progress.
  • New option sort_function allows selecting function for sorting files names [forum]
  • Option to allow click in popup to zoom images instead of navigating [forum]
  • License improvements / Optionally use hostname for licensing.
  • Diagnostics now outputs file permissions and "owner" if dirs are not writeable.
  • Compatibility with X3 photo gallery allows login, load images and inherit license from X3.
  • Removed option to disable breadcrumbs as this element now contains info and folder actions.
  • Updated plugins, and got rid of Bootstrap javascript.
  • Added Estonian et.json and updated pl.json.

Bugs / issues

  • Fixed imagerotate() without deprecated warnings for PHP >= 8.1.
  • Replaced <a> tags in IPTC titles so they don't break gallery layout [forum]
  • Only exclude names that start with /_files* if folder is descendant of root [forum]
  • Don't try to load folder preview images for dirs that are not readable.
  • Check if session already started (for some reason) before session_start().
  • Files app no longer assigns 'X3 mode' if installed in a subfolder of X3 [forum]