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Files Gallery 0.6.0

· 2 min read
Karl Ward

Files gallery 0.6.0 includes browser-based zip downloads and a new self-hosted assets option.

See demoRelease info for Files gallery 0.6.0

Browser-based zip downloads

Previously, Files gallery depended on the server PHP to zip files before serving to the visitor. This can be slow, and requires storing cached zip files on server, effectively doubling up on storage. Now, Files gallery will download and zip files directly in the browser, entirely bypassing the server PHP.

  • No delays caused by server PHP processing the zip file.
  • Does not store excessive cache files in each directory on server.
  • Does not require refreshing cached zip files on server when folder content is updated.
  • Performance benefit from downloading files that are already cached in browser or on CDN.
  • Allows downloading "filtered items", and future "selected items" and multiple dirs.

Self-hosted assets

By default, all Javascript and CSS assets are loaded from the JsDelivr CDN. This ensures that assets load fast regardless of the visitor's geographic location, and that Files gallery remains portable in a single file. In some cases however, it may be beneficial to self-host the assets on your own server.

  • Allow Files gallery to work without internet connection.
  • If JsDelivr CDN is slow or unreliable, for instance inside China.
  • For other privacy reasons.
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