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Filemanager options include capabilities to upload, delete, rename, duplicate, edit text, create new folder and create new file.


You should be careful when enabling filemanager features, as you are basically allowing users to create and modify files on server. It's a good idea to assign a login, or you should be sure that no unwelcome guests have access.

Filemanager options

In config.php, you will find the following options, all disabled by default.

'allow_upload' => false,
'allow_delete' => false,
'allow_rename' => false,
'allow_new_folder' => false,
'allow_new_file' => false,
'allow_duplicate' => false,
'allow_text_edit' => false,

Uploader options

In addition, you will find the following options available in config.php specifically for the uploader.

'upload_allowed_file_types' => '', // comma-separated list of allowed upload file types / empty = allow any / 'jpeg, jpg, image/*'
'upload_max_filesize' => 0, // [bytes] / 0 = unlimited (but limited by server PHP upload_max_filesize)
'upload_note' => '', // include a small text note at bottom of uploader / 'Max file size %upload_max_filesize%'
'upload_exists' => 'increment', // 'increment' / 'overwrite' / 'fail'